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Train API integration

HJ Software offers Technology development for API integration with European and North American Rail operators. We have got more than 15 years of experience connecting different railroads.

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Amtrak provides rail passengers in America with a safer, environmentally sound way to travel and see the country. Amtrak has established over 20,000 miles of routes running through forty-six contiguous states, including the District of Columbia, and three Canadian provinces. Amtrak runs passengers 24/7 on over 300 trains daily.

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Trenitalia is the primary train operator in Italy. A subsidiary of Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, itself owned by the Italian Government, the company was established in 2000 following a European Union directive on the deregulation of rail transport.

Trenitalia is the state-owned train company operating in Italy. Trenitalia offers include national and international trains. Trenitalia is the primary operator of trains within Italy, including Sicily and Sardinia. The service also connects the country with Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia and Switzerland.

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Deutsche Bahn

Deutsche Bahn is the rail network in Germany and carries over two billion passengers around Germany annually. It is currently possible to visit nearly ever city in Germany by rail; rail is an efficient and affordable means of travel to see the entire country.

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Eurail is a cooperative of 30 European railway companies and shipping lines and is a subsidiary of the Eurail Group. They are dedicated to providing rail accommodations via rail passes to non-European residents from around the world. Eurail is based in the Netherlands and specializes in providing Eurail passes.

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Eurostar was established in 1994 and changed they way travelers move from Paris to Brussels. They have, since they began, doubled the amount of travelers to both cities from London. Eurostar has access to partners and connecting services in over 100 destinations in Europe.

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Railteam is an alliance of several European high speed railway operators who are individually located around the country. They are all dedicated to the highest quality standards of rail travel in the world and maintaining a seamless transition throughout all of the alliance service members.

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Societe Nationale des Chemins der fer Francais, or SNCF, is the state-owned railway company in France. SNCF operates all of France’s national rail services including the TGV, the high-speed rail network. SNCF is an international leader in the design, implementation and maintenance of high-speed rail travel.

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TGV is an abbreviation for the French term Train a Grande Vitesse, which translates into “high-speed train”. TGV is the high-speed rail service in France and is operated by SNCF, the national rail operator in France. The TGV prototypes evolved from gas-turbine powered engines to the electric trains now.

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TGV Lyria

TGV Lyria is the branding on the TGV rail lines connecting France to Switzerland. TGV Lyria is also the corporate name of the managing service, which uses SNCF staff in France and Swiss Federal Railways staff in Switzerland. Our travel booking software offers Nova car api integration. Our travel booking software offers TGV Train api integration.

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Thalys International is the provider of passenger rail service to the European destinations including Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels and Cologne. Thalys is an alliance service offered by the French, Dutch, Belgian and German rail services. Thalys International is based in Brussels and focuses on European rail travel.

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ACP Rail

ACP offers a wide range of products including Rail passes and point to point tickets.

  • ACP’s gives access to the entire Eurail and Interrail family of products as well as point to point tickets, European high speed trains, Sleeper trains, European attractions and much more.
  • In addition, ACP is the exclusive marketing and distribution company for Brit Rail.
  • ACP has also recently expanded its product line with other exciting rail products including the e-ticketable East Japan Railway pass.
  • On-Request products such as Rail Australia, China Rail, Korean Rail, Amtrak and others are available for booking. In some cases, an e-ticket or confirmation number will be sent the next business day once final confirmation is received from the railway.
  • Tour operator rates and products are available if the XML partner is set up to package holidays with flights, hotels and other travel products.